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Sly & the Family Stone - Life - LP

Sly & the Family Stone - Life - LP

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Who could resist the carnival carousel oompah of the third album's title track morphing into one of the Family Stone's most hypnotic sides: a blood-pumping refrain that brought one of Sly's 10 Commandments ("You don't have to die before you live") down from the mountain. "Fun" gets its groove on with "When I party, I party hardy," words to live by according to WNEW DJ Rosko, who says in the LPs notes, "You will regret you only have two ears to listen to Sly and the Family Stone." He got that right!

1. Dynamite!
2. Chicken
3. Plastic Jim
4. Fun
5. Into My Own Thing
6. Harmony
7. Life
8. Love City
9. I’m an Animal
10. M’Lady
11. Jane Is a Groupee

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