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The All-American Rejects - All-american Rejects - LP

The All-American Rejects - All-american Rejects - LP

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The All-American Rejects by The All-American Rejects

Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color: Pink LP

Limited pink vinyl exclusive for Ten Bands One Cause.

Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Studios.

Special sweet 16th pressing

Album Details

The All-American Rejects is the self-titled debut studio album by American rock band The All-American Rejects, originally released October 15, 2002 by Doghouse Records,before being re-released on February 4, 2003 by Dreamworks Records.
The 15th anniversary press!… Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a few months late… Hey, most people didn’t even know about this record until it got rereleased by Dreamworks in 2003, so it still is sorta its 15th anniversary.
Four years ago, the charity initiative ​Ten Bands One Cause began with a diverse array of artists releasing 10 albums in limited quantities on pink vinyl with the goal of raising awareness for Gilda’s Club NYC, a charity that provides free support for everyone living with cancer along with their families and friends.
The Ten Bands One Cause program, which includes notable past participants ​Run The Jewels​, ​Red Hot Chili Peppers​, ​Sturgill Simpson​, ​Jason Isbell​, ​The Black Keys​, and ​Anthrax​, coincides with ​National Breast Cancer Awareness Month​ in October. Since 2014, nearly $200,000 has been raised for ​Gilda’s Club NYC.
​These limited ​releases will be available for purchase at vinyl-selling music retailers nationwide, and proceeds benefit​ Gilda's Club NYC

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