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Foo Fighters - In Your Honor - LP

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor - LP

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One of the biggest and most important rock bands in the world releases this long out of print vinyl

Although it was as big a commercial success as Foo Fighters' three previous albums, 2002's One by One seemed flat and tired, as if their leader, Dave Grohl, had reached a songwriting slump or as if the band had exhausted its possibilities. The time was ripe for a reinvention, or at least a risk, and the group responded accordingly with In Your Honor, a double album containing one disc of hard rock and one disc of acoustic material. Splitting music along such a clear dividing line is dangerous: since each disc explores one specific territory, each could sound monochromatic, but instead of falling into this trap, Foo Fighters benefit from these self-imposed constraints. Both the rock and acoustic albums have their own distinct character.

Singing, not shouting, Grohl flips potential teen-rock anthems like "Miracle" and "Cold Day in the Sun" (with drummer Taylor Hawkins handling lead vocals) into impending adult-oriented radio staples.

1. In Your Honor
2. No Way Back
3. Best Of You
4. DOA
5. Hell
6. The Last Song
7. Free Me
8. Resolve
9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
10. End Over End
11. Song Title
12. Still
13. What If I Do?
14. Miracle
15. Another Round
16. Friend Of A Friend
17. Over And Out
18. On The Mend
19. Virginia Moon
20. Cold Day In The Sun
21. Razor

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