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Lip Critic - Hex Dealer - LP

Lip Critic - Hex Dealer - LP

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Hex Dealer is the second full-length from New York electronic punk band Lip Critic. The album is a raw patchwork of iPhone recordings, free VST samplers, synths and two live drummers. All of this has been maximized beyond it's limits, like a chorus of bass-boosted Windex bottles spraying in unison, or a washing machine filled with coins on the spin cycle. This mixture of classic punk, hardcore and electronic styles results in 12 frantic tracks of postmodern pop for the genre less future. Limited Edition Clear LP.

 - Disc 1 -
1 It's the Magic
2 Love Will Redeem You
3 The Heart
4 Bork Pelly
5 Spirit Bomber
6 Death Lurking
- Disc 2 -
1 Milky Max
2 Sermon
3 I'm Alive
4 My Wife and the Goblin
5 In the Wawa (Convinced I Am God)
6 Toxin Dodger

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