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(Pre Order) David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise - LP *

(Pre Order) David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise - LP *

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Coming August 5th, 2022

Bowie's 18th Studio Album on Double LP!

1993 brought the long-awaited return of David Bowie, solo artist, with Black Tie White Noise and one of rock's first CD-ROMs entitled "Jump." With Nile Rodgers again producing, the album provided sonic updates to several previous Bowie eras: with the opening instrumental "The Wedding" (inspired by Bowie's 1992 marriage to Iman Abdulmajid) offering a dance-and-house-inspired tone recalling Low's brighter moments; the single "Jump They Say" harking back to funkier times, and a cover of Cream's "I Feel Free" marking a long-awaited reunion with Ziggy-era partner Mick Ronson (sadly, Ronson passed away soon after). Reaching #1 in the UK album charts, Black Tie White Noise reassured fans that Bowie's creative curiosity was insatiable as ever.


  • 2021 Remaster
  • Double LP


Side A:

  1. The Wedding
  2. You've Been Around
  3. I Feel Free

Side B:

  1. Black Tie White Noise
  2. Jump They Say
  3. Nite Flights

Side C:

  1. Pallas Athena
  2. Miracle Goodnight
  3. Don't Let Me Down & Down

Side D:

  1. Looking for Lester
  2. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
  3. The Wedding Song
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