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(Pre Order) Frederick Fennell - Eastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra - Hi-Fi a la Espanola - Half-Speed Master LP

(Pre Order) Frederick Fennell - Eastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra - Hi-Fi a la Espanola - Half-Speed Master LP

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Part of the Mercury Living Presence Audiophile Series!
Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl LP!
Precision HD Transfers of the Original First-Generation Tapes!

Long hailed as the audiophile's label, Mercury Living Presence represents an important milestone in the history of classical recording. Since they were first released, Mercury Living Presence LP records have been collected and coveted. 70 years after the label's first release - Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, with Rafael Kubelík conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Mercury continues to be admired for the quality of its artistry and recordings, all celebrated for their sheer vividness of sound. This audiophile series sources the original first-generation master tapes. New HD transfers were made at Abbey Road Studios. Master files, including new 3-to-2 mixes for stereo titles, were produced by Thomas Fine, son of the original producer and recording engineer for the majority of Mercury Living Presence titles.

An early favorite with audiophiles, this delightful and passionate album of Spanish and Latin American-themed compositions will test the best modern-day playback systems. Recorded in the Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY, March 25, 1957 with a Schoeps M201 microphone in the center and Neumann KM-56's on the left and right sides.

A Note About Listening Levels:

Mercury Living Presence recordings are highly dynamic, pushing the technical capabilities of the original recording equipment to the limit. In a modern setting, especially in the context of a half-speed mastered LP, the full dynamic range on the tapes makes its way to the grooves.

This may require the listener to turn up the system volume to a higher level than they may be accustomed to.

All efforts were made to present these discs on quiet, high-quality vinyl, so listening at "concert hall levels" should not include an objectionable increase in background surface noise.

Turn it up, experience the 3D sound field, and enjoy the lifelike dynamics; put yourself in the Living Presence of the music!


  • The Mercury Living Presence Series
  • Audiophile Vinyl
  • Half-Speed Mastered
  • Precision HD Transfers Made at Abbey Road Studios from the Original First-Generation Tapes
  • New 3-to-2 Stereo Mixes Produced by Thomas Fine


Eastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra
Frederick Fennell conductor


Side 1:

PERCY FAITH (1908-1976)
  1. Brazilian Sleigh Bells
  1. Andalucia
  2. Malaguena
  1. Intermezzo from "Goyescas"
  1. Jamaican Rumba
  1. Batuque

Side 2:

JAIME TEXIDOR (1884-1957)
  1. Amparito Roca
MANUEL DE FALLA (1876-1946)
  1. Ritual Fire Dance (from "El Amor Brujo")
JOAQUÍN TURINA (1882-1949)
  1. The Bullfighter's Prayer
  1. Brazilian Dance


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