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Rega Planer 8 Turntable

Rega Planer 8 Turntable

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Innovative Design and Construction Equate to State-of-the-Art Vinyl LP Playback: Rega Planar 8 Turntable Features Triple-Glass Platter, Neo PSU Power Supply, and RB880 Tonearm

Inspired by Rega's pinnacle creation (the $45k Naiad), the company's U.K.-built Planar 8 turntable goes beyond mere evolution and enters a design realm of its very own. Engineered to squeeze out details embedded in LP grooves with a degree that belies its price class, Planar 8 is both practical and luxury analog. An ultra-lightweight skeletal plinth comprised of a polyurethane foam core, double-braced stress-beam assembly, three-piece super-flywheel-effect laminated glass platter, and new RB880 tonearm combine to provide optimal rigidity, dampening, and stiffness. A new, perfectly round drive belt and Rega's Neo PSU power supply deliver immaculate accuracy and user-adjustable control. The option of getting Planar 8 with a pre-mounted Rega Aria or Apheta 2 moving-coil cartridge heightens its levels of fun and flexibility, not to mention money-saving smarts. All that's left is your sense of adventure – and vinyl collection.

Indeed, in addition to "value," "new" and "innovative" might be the operative terms that best describe Planar 8. For starters, look at the radical plinth distinguished by angles and cutouts – an ingenious design that minimizes mass while increasing rigidity and, by way of its Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core construction, presents energy absorption. The forward-thinking extends to a phenolic brace located between the tonearm mount and main bearing, adding extra reinforcement while barely upping overall mass. Then there's the triple-glass platter, a flywheel-effect type that bulks up in mass at the rim while retaining a lightness that makes the main bearing's job a breeze.

We should also mention that setting up Planar 8 takes no painstaking amount of time or effort, particularly if you order with either the Rega Ania or Apheta 2 cartridge, each which is pre-mounted at the factory. All you need to do is remove the packaging protecting the main bearing and tonearm, fit the tracking weight, and set the bias. Simple!

Sonically, Planar 8 immediately reveals itself as an incredibly insightful musical instrument. It plays vinyl LPs with a combination of composure, authority, coherency, control, and drive that both generates excitement and maintains a balance that evoke the sensations of the finest live concerts. You'll hear oodles of attack, sustain, and weight while also benefitting from audiophile characteristics such as clarity, emotion, and tautness.

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