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SOLIDSTEEL - S2 Series Modular Audio Rack

SOLIDSTEEL - S2 Series Modular Audio Rack

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Solidsteel S2 Series Audio Racks Offer Audiophile Performance at Great Price Points: Rock-Solid Stability and Excellent Isolation Yields Increased Performance from Any System

Solidsteel S2 Series audio racks provide incredible isolation, increased audio performance, and rock-solid stability in an elegant design. Form follows function on S2, as the line's clean looks blend in with any aesthetic. Boasting technological advancements that make for an even better-sounding and non-resonant structure, the Italian-made S2 Series takes equipment racks – and your components and music – to new levels of audiophile fulfillment.

S2 Series features square, polymer laminate MDF shelves, anodized aluminum poles that insert right into the shelves for simple, hassle-free fit, and stainless-steel bottom spikes. Both the 31.6-inch tall S2-4 and 40.86-inch S2-5 have shelves that measure 23 inches wide, 16.9 inches deep, and 0.9 inches thick. Space between each individual shelf measures 8.26 inches, and each shelf can support up to 130 pounds. (S2-4 has a 529-pound total limit; S2-5 has a 661-pound total limit.) No matter what components you own, S2 Series is ready for your gear and prepared to elevate your listening experience while simultaneously treating your system the right way, preserving its value and longevity.

Solid Shelving and Aluminum Poles for a Smarter Design
S2 Series racks utilize MDF shelves and new, non-welded aluminum poles. Aluminum is lighter than steel, ridiculously strong, non-magnetic, and an excellent damping material. By eliminating welding from the equation, S2 racks eliminate resonances that develop in hollow welded posts. Unwanted energy and vibrations cannot seep into your rack. The aluminum poles also result in improved weight handling, vastly greater stability, and, since the shelves cannot resonate the poles, enhanced isolation for each component. In addition, S2 Series' massive shelf design further keep resonance to a minimum.

S2 Series Is a Tremendous Value
Priced like the 3-Series it replaced, S2 Series actually performs like the older elite 6 Series, which makes it an extreme value. In addition, due to the solid poles and the rigid coupling of the shelves to the posts, cones aren't needed to compensate for resonances within the rack framework. Advantages of the S2 Series even extend to shipping and initial playback. The lighter, modular poles can be placed into smaller and tighter boxes, which are easier to pack and ship, and ensure your rack arrives safely.

With S2 Series, Your Music Will Sound Better
With S2 Series, Solidsteel has hit upon a genius design. Your components and, most importantly, your music will sound better because of it. Say goodbye to vibration and distortion, and "ciao" to unstinting stability and precise imaging with the S2 Series. Remember: A good equipment rack is as essential as good cables, powerful amplifiers, and revealing turntables. Because no matter how much you spend on your gear, you're wasting your money if it isn't resting on a support mechanism that provides terrific isolation, rock-solid stability, and vibration-free performance.

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