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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Hurricane - Analogue Productions 45rpm Box Set

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Hurricane - Analogue Productions 45rpm Box Set

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Texas Flood
Side A
1. Love Struck Baby
2. Pride and Joy
3. Texas Flood
Side B
1. Tell Me
2. Testify
Side C
1. Rude Mood
2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
3. Dirty Pool
Side D
1. I’m Cryin’
2. Lenny

Couldn’t Stand The Weather
Side A
1. Scuttle Buttin’
2. Couldn’t Stand the Weather
3. The things (That) I Used To Do
Side B
1. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Side C
1. Roughest Place In Town (Tin Pan Alley)
Side D
1. Cold Shot
2. Honey Bee
3. Stang’s Swang

Soul To Soul
Side A
1. Say What!
2. Lookin’ Out The Window
3. Look At Little Sister
Side B
1. Ain’t Gone N’ Give Up On Love
2. Gone Home
Side C
1. Change It
2. You’ll Be Mine
3. Empty Arms
Side D
1. Come On (Part III)
2. Life Without You

In Step
Side A
1. The House Is Rockin’
2. Crossfire
3. Tightrope
Side B
1. Let Me Love You Baby
2. Leave My Girl Alone
3. Travis Walk
Side C
1. Wall Of Denial
2. Scratch - N - Sniff
3. Love Me Darlin’
Side D
1. Riviera Paradise

The Sky Is Crying
Side A
1. Boot Hill
2. The Sky Is Crying
3. Empty Arms
Side B
1. Little Wing
2. Wham
Side C
1. May I Have A Talk With You
2. Close To You
Side D
1. Chitlins Con Carne
2. So Excited
3. Life By The Drop

Family Style
Side A
1. Hard To Be
2. White Boots
Side B
1. D/FW
2. Good Texan
3. Hillbillies From Outerspace
Side C
1. Long Way From Home
2. Tick Tock
3. Telephone Song
Side D
1. Baboom/ Mama Said
2. Brothers

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