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Trophy Eyes - Chemical Miracle - LP

Trophy Eyes - Chemical Miracle - LP

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Chemical Miracle, Trophy Eyes's sophomore album delivers an album that is both musically and emotionally resonant. Musically, Chemical Miracle is a testament to their growth and evolution. The album seamlessly blends pop-punk energy with elements of emo, grunge, and even shoegaze, creating a soundscape that is both familiar and refreshingly innovative. The band's instrumentation is tight and dynamic, with soaring guitar riffs, driving basslines, and powerful drumming providing a solid foundation for Floreani's impassioned vocals. In a genre often saturated with clichés and uninspired songwriting, Trophy Eyes stand out as a beacon of authenticity and creativity.

Chemical Miracle is a must-listen for fans of pop-punk and anyone who has ever felt the sting of heartbreak or the uncertainty of growing up.

(Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics, Colored Vinyl, Pink)

1 Chlorine
2 Counting Sheep
3 Nose Bleed
4 Heaven Sent
5 Rain on Me
6 Chemical
7 Breathe You in
8 Home Is
9 Miracle
10 Suicide Pact
11 Daydreamer

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