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Willie Nelson - Stardust - Analogue Productions LP

Willie Nelson - Stardust - Analogue Productions LP

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Willie's 1978 take on his favorite pop standards

Includes his classic versions of "Stardust" "Georgia On My Mind" and others

Mastered from the original analog tapes by Bernie Grundman

200-gram double LPs plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings!

Heavyweight gatefold tip-on old-style jacket from Stoughton Printing

"While more expensive, Analogue Productions' 45RPM reissue makes the piano seem more life-sized and restores all the overtones missing from the earlier reissues — all the while delivering enhanced percussion detail and tauter bass. I'm certain that somewhere ahead of the master tape, recording engineers Bradley Hartman and Donivan Cowart slowed down the tape in places for effect. Listen to the opening bars of 'September Song' where the knobs got turned a little too slow. No matter. Analogue Productions' Stardust again earns a super disc designation by today's higher standards."

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