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Martin Denny - Exotica Vol. II - LP

Martin Denny - Exotica Vol. II - LP

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• Tropical Green Color Vinyl.

• First Time Reissued on Jackpot Records.
• 9/10 - All Music Guide.

Coming hot off the heels of his iconic debut, Martin Denny’s follow-up to the original Exotica is the ultimate companion piece. Originally released in mono in 1957—mere weeks after the first Exotica album kick-started the new lounge craze—Exotica Volume II further demonstrated Denny’s unique imagination as both a musician and an entertainer. Jackpot Records’ limited edition reissue of Exotica Volume II is pressed on tropical green color vinyl, and brings Denny’s unique space age twist on Pan-Asian and Polynesian music direct to your stereo. With featured tracks like “Singing Bamboos”, “Rush Hour in Hong Kong”, and “Soshu Night Serenade”, Exotica Volume II is equally fitting as a breezy lounge listen or to set the mood for your very own tiki bar cocktail hour.

Sourced From The Original Master Tapes.

Track listing
Soshu Night Serenade
Island Of Dreams
Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara)
Singing Bamboos
The Queen Chant (E Lili Ua E)
Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au)
When First I Love
August Bells
Ebb Tide
Rush Hour In Hong Kong

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