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Motorhead - Bastards - LP

Motorhead - Bastards - LP

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Probably one of the best Metal albums ever! Bastards became the eleventh album in a row in the discography of the British Metal band Motörhead, published in 1993. This work turned out to be one of the best in the teams repertoire at that time - fast, hard and with a great variety of compositions. The album was largely "first": the first and last recorded on the label ZYX; first Mickey Dee as the sole drummer; first, produced by Howard Benson.

1 On Your Feet or on Your Knees - Motörhead
2 Burner - Motörhead
3 Death or Glory - Motörhead
4 I Am the Sword - Motörhead
5 Born to Raise Hell - Motörhead
6 Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me - Motörhead
7 Bad Woman - Motörhead
8 Liar - Motörhead
9 Lost in the Ozone - Motörhead
10 I'm Your Man - Motörhead
11 We Bring the Shake - Motörhead
12 Devils - Motörhead

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