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Dizzy Gillespie - Live At The Singer Concert Hall 1983 - The Lost Recordings LP

Dizzy Gillespie - Live At The Singer Concert Hall 1983 - The Lost Recordings LP

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For Dizzy everything starts and ends with laughter. In the meantime, all paths are possible. That of melancholy, of dance or of political commitment... Dizzy is everywhere at once, always elusive, he is this explorer who, after having been one of the founders of Bebop in the 40's, will never stop experimenting, surprising and pushing back the borders. Proud of his Afro-American heritage, he knew like no other how to confront it with other cultural horizons such as Latin America or Cuba. On 25 August 1973 Dizzy Gillespie came to the Dutch public in Laren. True to form, he introduced his musicians in a mischievous and generous mood and then launched thunderously into a Caribbean tempo that lasted 19 minutes! Then, in a deep voice, Dizzy evokes his friend Martin Luther King. He dedicates "Brother K" to him, a tender ballad punctuated by flashes of storm and anger. As a conclusion Dizzy invokes his roots: "The Blues", where he abandons his trumpet to unleash the full force and warmth of his voice. The musicians withdraw to a surprisingly light theme. We leave as we arrive, on tiptoe. However, we leave with a certainty: "Yes Dizzy, you made it".


  • Introduction by Dizzy Gillespie
  • Sunshine
  • Announcement by Dizzy Gillespie
  • Brother K

  • RECORD 2

  • Announcement by Dizzy Gillespie
  • Ole for the Gypsies
  • Announcement by Dizzy Gillespie
  • The Truth
  • Manteca
  • The Blues
  • Tune Birks' Works
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