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PRO-JECT - VC-E Record Cleaning Machine

PRO-JECT - VC-E Record Cleaning Machine

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Clean Your Vinyl LPs in a Jiffy: Pro-Ject VC-E Record Cleaning Machine Features Compact Dimensions, Fluid-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels, Easy Operation

Excellent record-cleaning ability, out-of-plain-sight compact dimensions, and affordability come together in the Pro-Ject VC-E cleaning machine. Extremely powerful and quick, and featuring aluminum composite panels that withstand fluid spills without damaging the chassis, the European-made unit cleans LPs in as little as one or two rotations – with optimal results achieved with one forward rotation followed by a backward turn. Your vinyl will be free of dust and debris in seconds, and it will also be dry, so you can place it on your ‘table and enjoy music.

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