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Scarface - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - LP

Scarface - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - LP

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The soundtrack to the 1983 motion picture starring Al Pacino featured a variety of pop artists such as Blondie's Deborah Harry, Elizabeth Daily, Mrs. Michael McDonald Amy Holland (who at the time had made a solo name for herself) and incidental themes by Italian electronic maestro Giorgio Moroder. In later years, the songs here were used in the video game "Grand Theft Auto 3," which brought them to an entirely new audience a generation later.

Side 1
Scarface (Push It To The Limit) – Paul Engemann
Rush Rush – Deborah Harry
Time Out The light – Amy Holland
Vamos A Bailar – Maria Conchita
Tony’s Theme – Giorgio Moroder

Side 2
She’s On Fire – Amy Holland
Shake It Up – Elizabeth Daily
Dance Dance Dance – Beth Anderson
I’m Hot Tonight – Elizabeth Daily
Gina’s And Elvira’s Theme – Giorgio Moroder

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