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The J. Geils Band - The J. Geils Band - Speakers Corner LP

The J. Geils Band - The J. Geils Band - Speakers Corner LP

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180g Vinyl Reissue Remastered Using Pure Analogue Components Only From the Master Tapes Through To the Cutting Head

In the wake of Woodstock and the flight of impassioned music groups to the perhaps most fertile, colorful but also somewhat intellectual decade of rock 'n' roll, J. Geils clearly found his musical niche. Geils let loose with his sextet under his own name to create brash, extrovert rock. The amalgamation of authentic blues and showy rock 'n' roll, fed with a fervid veneration of such blues greats as Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and Chuck Berry was so compelling that the group could easily have passed as a black band.

The outfit's auspicious self-titled debut, produced by Dave Crawford and Brad Shapiro, was originally released on Atlantic Records in 1970 and features a stellar line-up of Geils (guitar), Peter Wolf (vocals), Seth Justman (organ, piano), Danny Klein (bass), Magic Dick (harp) and Stephen Bladd (drums, vocals). The 11-song warning shot includes covers of classic blues cuts like John Lee Hooker's "Serves You Right to Suffer," Otis Rush's "Homework," Big Walter Prices' "Pack Fair and Square" and Albert Collins' "Sno-Cone" alongside right at home originals like "Wait," "What's Your Hurry" and "Hard Drivin' Man."

This Speakers Corner 180g vinyl reissue was remastered using pure analogue components only from the master tapes through to the cutting head.

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