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The Pluto Walkers - The Throwaway Age - LP

The Pluto Walkers - The Throwaway Age - LP

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1 Any Old Love (The Pluto Walkers)
2 Diamondback (The Pluto Walkers)
3 Fast Girl, Last Girl (The Pluto Walkers)
4 The Dollhouse Theme (El Futuro Sonidos)
5 Two-Timer (The Pluto Walkers)
6 Ticket to Anywhere-Excerpt (El Futuro Sonidos)
7 Whirlcage (The Pluto Walkers)
8 The Throwaway Age (The Pluto Walkers)
9 Coffin Dragger (The Pluto Walkers)
10 Ticket to Anywhere-Reprise (El Futuro Sonidos)
11 Vindaloo (The Pluto Walkers)
12 Like Stars, Like Dust (El Futuro Sonidos)
13 That's It Baby! (The Plutowalkers)

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