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Wharfedale - Linton 85th Anniversary Walnut Bookshelf Speakers Only

Wharfedale - Linton 85th Anniversary Walnut Bookshelf Speakers Only

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Experience Timeless Tradition: Three-Way Wharfedale Linton Loudspeakers with Dedicated Stands Feature Eight-Inch Woofer, Play with Elevated Openness and Taut Bass

When you look at the Wharfedale Linton loudspeaker, it's impossible not to sense the legacy of natural-sounding tradition, marvel at the classy styling, and smell the hand-veneered cabinets. One of the most iconic models in the British manufacturer's history, and one that dates back to 1965, the updated Linton retains its predecessor's warm, rich disposition while also offering an elevated degree of open, detailed playback that make it a modern classic. Featuring an eight-inch Kevlar woofer, five-inch Kevlar midrange, and one-inch soft-dome tweeter, the Stereophile Class B Recommended Linton exudes timeless audiophile sound, looks, and character.

Gorgeously proportioned, the three-way Linton boasts an inset front baffle and traditional cloth grille that speak to its English roots. The woofer arrives mounted on a rigid, die-cast chassis that allows the unit to provide taut, controlled bass marked by engaging dynamics and remarkable extension. The midrange comes housed in its own enclosure for ample separation while the tweeter—complete with a high-flux ferrite magnet for smooth high-frequency reproduction—helps account for stellar timing and imaging.

Of course, we cannot talk about Linton without mentioning those beautiful, rock-solid stands included with the speakers. Custom designed to support the size and weight of the cabinet, and to present the listening axis at just the right spot, they also supply critical damping from vibrations and allow room for you to store some of your vinyl LP collection right under the speakers. Now that is true hi-fi.

Looking at Linton, it becomes immediately clear that there's no expiration date on vintage style. The same can be said about superior sound, which you'll also find Linton offers with abundance. 

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