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Arthur Williams & Jesse Hoggard - Analogue Productions LP

Arthur Williams & Jesse Hoggard - Analogue Productions LP

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Harmonica master Arthur Williams and his acoustic guitar-playing partner Jesse Hoggard interpret six classic 12-bar blues – four sung by Arthur and two by Jesse. This duo really nails the front-porch feeling that the best acoustic blues was born from. Jesse’s guitar is perfectly steady with simple, tasteful fills. Arthur’s acoustic harp work is the showstopper.

Arthur Williams was born in Tunica, Mississippi in 1937, was raised in Chicago and made his recording debut backing Frank Frost on Jewel Records in 1966. In 1972, he moved to his current home of St. Louis. He still performed but his recording career was dormant as he concentrated on a day job. In the 1990s, he appeared on a few records and put out a few of his own. But no release before this one has captured such an in-person feeling. The dynamics on this direct-to-disc recording are almost frightening.

"Though once a staple of audiophile labels, no one really bothers with direct-to-disc anymore, except for Chad Kassem, the iconoclastic head of Acoustic Sounds. His Analogue Productions Originals label has just released two direct-to-disc blues recordings...Both records are excellent sounding, the Williams/Hoggard particularly so. Direct-to-disc yields intensely silent and immediate-sounding LPs. The clarity and natural tonal balance on both is super, and guitarists will love the details - slides, pull-offs, bends, and double-stops - that both records reveal." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2005, Issue 154

"On Saturday afternoon Kevin captured the great Leroy Jodie Pierson in a 'studio' session direct-to-disc, followed later that day by Arthur Williams and Jesse Hoggard...They captured the excitement and unique atmosphere of this very special event perfectly and you'll be in for an aural treat when you buy them." - Richard Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 38

Side One
I’m A King Bee
Since I Met You Baby
Go On To School

Side Two
I’m Gonna Get My Baby
Cummins Prison Farm
Hug And Squeeze You

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