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HiFi Rose - RA180 Integrated Amplifier

HiFi Rose - RA180 Integrated Amplifier

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The tactile, steampunk-inspired aesthetics of the HiFi Rose RA180 speak volumes about the spirit, design, and purpose of this integrated amplifier. Whether you’re seeking to spin vinyl or discs, wild, unforgettable musical adventures await with RA180 in your system. Featuring purist functionality, purpose-based connectivity, cutting-edge technology, enviable specs, and wide frequency response, there’s simply no other integrated amp on the market quite like it. 

Outputting 200Wpc and outfitted with newly developed gallium nitride FET material in the amplifier stage, this 36.8-pound beauty plays with near-flawless linearity, smoothness, and naturalism courtesy of exceptional damping and dead times. Notably, RA180 exclusively offers analog inputs and a MM/MC phono preamplifier with variable EQ — no digital and no DAC section. A cool-running balanced power supply practically immune to load fluctuations; mono-sub output; tone controls; an attenuator switch; and high-frequency crossover add to its advantages. Ditto two Amp modules — one for mid-bass and balance, the other for highs and tweeter areas.

RA180 comes loaded with user-friendly connectivity and versatility. You get balanced and unbalanced analog inputs; home-theater bypass; and a remote control. Optional bridge-tied load mode (for 400Wpc output), a subsonic filter, dimmer switch, and illuminated front-panel meters further place RA180 in its own category. Eight pairs of speaker terminals, dimmer switch, a 12V trigger input, and an internal reset button ensure all bases are covered.

But what about the sound? Operating entirely within the analog domain, RA180 reproduces music with an inviting fidelity distinguished by wide soundstages, balanced tonality, golden-age warmth, and the kind of resolve and detail that pulls you into the performance. Other integrated amplifiers offer built-in DACs and a few more bells and whistles, but none look anything like RA180 and few in this price range provide such sonic depth, range, and clarity. 

Intrigued? Contact a Music Direct audio consultant at 312-433-0200 to arrange for a risk-free audition today. 

“It offers value both in build and sound quality, significantly surpassing its price point. This unit has the headroom to handle just about any speaker. And while sound quality is certainly the most important criterion…the industrial design of this unit is spectacular.”
—The Absolute Sound

"Its appearance sits somewhere between the all-silver Japanese receivers of the 1980s and the pseudo steampunk'd imaginations of Jules Verne and H.G Wells. It makes you wanna reach out and touch it."
—John Darko, Darko.Audio

"[RA180] offers full functionality despite the fact it operates entirely within the analogue domain: configurable phono pre-amp, active crossover and four versatile amplifier channels. Finally, the sound quality exceeds expectations."
Qobuz, Testing Ground

Bi-Amping and BTL Connection: Multi-Output Component

RA 180 consists of two modules: One AMP module specialized for stable mid-bass and balance, and another specialized for smooth, high-pitched and super tweeter areas. Each AMP module supports 200Wpc and can output up to 400Wpc per channel. When two independent modules are separately connected to a speaker’s high and low frequencies, the driving force can be improved without being affected by a counter electro-motive force. RA 180’s BLT mode combines two independent modules for rich, balanced sonics. 

An Evolved Amplifier Design

The Gallium Nitride (GaN) Class AD amplifier developed by HiFi Rose has dramatically improved issues related to existing Class D technology; this was achieved by applying innovative new materials. Class D amplifiers have a topology that theoretically provides a perfect linear output at 0% distortion and 100% power efficiency. In order to achieve this, the switching action requires high speed and accuracy. However, previous products were weak compared to Class A and A/B in the linearity aspect, due to the limitations of Silicon FET, which couldn't produce ultra-smooth and natural sound. In RA180, HiFi Rose used a new material, GaN FET (instead of Silicon FET), to solve this problem. The dead time was dramatically improved, and a nearly perfect linear output was realized with a switching speed close to zero. This linearity goes beyond the Class D limits and produces a smooth and natural sound — like an analog amplifier.

Balanced Power Supply

The power supply that has been exclusively developed for RA180 applies fourth-generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) FET technology to provide high output with less heat. In addition, by using a self-developed PFC (power factor circuit), it is designed to not be affected by sudden load fluctuations. The power supply device was developed to support a powerful damping factor, and the high output of 1,000 watts is designed to produce deep bass and accurate treble tones.

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