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Lyn Stanley London With A Twist - Live At Bernie's - The Challenge - LP

Lyn Stanley London With A Twist - Live At Bernie's - The Challenge - LP

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The three songs on this LP are original master recordings and were recorded at Bernie Grundman's Mastering Studio on January, 20, 2019. This 45rpm 180 gram audiophile quality disc will take the same three songs recorded on two different takes within minutes of one another. Side A will have Take One and Side B will have Take Two. Everything else is the same but on one side you will hear the Direct-To-Disc lacquer version and on the other side you will hear the Tape to (Lacquer) Vinyl version. The songs are 1) Goody Goody; 2) Love Letters; and 3) Bye Bye Blackbird. Not only will you hear the slight variations in the takes but you will also be able to make your own assessment of the quality of both analog recording techniques. Limited pressing non-numbered.

To clarify, this 45rpm single LP has the SAME three songs on each side from two different takes recorded within 30 minutes of each other. The reel to reel was captured at the same moment the metal lacquer master was receiving the recording information on the lathe at Bernie Grundman's Mastering Studio.

Here are the tests you can perform with this Challenge LP:

1. Sound difference between 45rpm/180 gram Metal Lacquer Mastered analog Direct-To-Disc versus Studio captured traditional analog Reel-To-Reel version made into a vinyl record (Tape-To-Disc).

2. Track take differences between two complete three song takes of Side C's songs in the album London With A Twist-LIVE at Bernie's.

3. If you have London With A Twist-LIVE at Bernie's album, you can compare red vinyl versus black vinyl for sound differences. One of the sides on the Challenge LP is in the regular album.

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