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Nine Inch Nails - Broken - LP

Nine Inch Nails - Broken - LP

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2016 remastered 180-gram LP and 7-inch record

The definitive version of Broken, meticulously prepared by Trent Reznor and NIN art director John Crawford. Remastered in 2016 on 180-gram vinyl with remastered artwork and secrets included!

1992's Broken afforded Trent Reznor the opportunity to vent his ample frustration over legal difficulties with his label that prevented the release of any new Nine Inch Nails material during the time that the band's debut, Pretty Hate Machine, was becoming an underground sensation. Where Pretty Hate Machine had a few moments of reflection and sardonic humor, Broken is a concentrated blast of caustic, naked rage

"Broken is loaded with heavy, jagged guitars, processed through a veritable meat grinder of effects into a massive wall of distortion. Each song one-ups the viciousness of its predecessor; even the two relatively subdued instrumental interludes are full of abrasive textures." — AllMusic

1. EP:
2. 1. Pinion
3. 2. Wish
4. 3. Last
5. 4. Help Me I Am In Hell
6. 5. Happiness in Slavery
7. 6. Gave Up
9. 1. Physical (You're So)
10. 2. Suck

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